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Environment Charter
With sufficient awareness of responsibilities as a diversified packaging container manufacturer, the Tokan Kogyou Group will continue to address the issue of environmental preservation and contribute to society through sustainable corporate activities in harmony with nature.
We shall make every possible effort to fulfill the following:

  1. We will make energy and resource saving efforts to reduce the environmental load.
  2. We will make every possible effort to reduce and reuse the industrial waste generated through all corporate activities.
  3. We will make progress on product and technological development in each process from material procurement to production, distribution, consumption and disposal considering environmental load.
  4. We will observe those regulations relating to global environment conservation and establish voluntary control standard to improve the maintenance of environmental conservation.
  5. We will strive to maintain the coexistence with local communities through effort familiar to environmental conservation activity.
  6. We will set an environmental objective and goal for environmental influences generated by business activities and conduct a regular review of them to maintain environmental conservation activities.
  7. To aim at an improvement in the individual environmental conservation awareness, we will thoroughly notify all the staff of the environmental policy and make them understand it through environmental education and in-house bulletin board.
  8. We will disclose the progress status of environmental conservation activities to stakeholders.

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